Shoreline Activities

Residents, summer cottagers and day visitors embrace the shoreline activities the warm, clean water and beautiful coastline here offers us. Like all of the Bruce Peninsula, the unique environment here speaks to those who love and appreciate Ontario’s natural retreat. Both sides of the Bruce Peninsula are cottage country, but the east and west sides differ greatly.

The warm, shallow waters surrounding the Fishing Islands and the adjacent community of Oliphant on the west coast of the Bruce Peninsula make it a wonderful summer playground.

The unique coastal environment is habitat for many rare and endangered species that makes it a naturalist and outdoor enthusiast’s delight. Many botanists and birders know and frequent the area.

We boat, sail, paddle and kitesurf in the summer.

The warm, shallow and safe waters, makes it an ideal kiteboarding destination, as well. Local outfitters and kiteboarding schools provide lessons and tours in the area.

Many just enjoy the less hurried pace and beauty of the area, from their favoured spot on shore or dock. A meal on the deck with family or friends, is almost always part a every summer weekend in Oliphant or The Fishing Islands.

We boast that the sunsets over The Fishing Islands, are beyond compare!

The Oliphant Campers Association, in existence since 1903, hosts the annual Oliphant Regatta every August Civic Holiday Weekend. Cottagers (referred to as ‘campers’) and full-time residents vie for the coveted Regatta Trophies.

Our community is very different in the winter as summer cottagers close for the season. However, the mainland community is growing, and we even have a few hardy souls that live on the islands several months a year, while avoiding freeze up and thaw times.

Those who choose to live here in the winter, are content to make their own fun and most often, enjoy the outdoors.

We ski, skate, snowshoe, snowmobile and snowkite in the winter.

Year-round we enjoy nature, and community in this little piece of heaven.

Come for a boat tour this spring, summer or fall and experience The Fishing Islands for yourself! We are in operation from May through October, weather permitting.

We are now closed for the season!


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