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Give a Gift-Card for Valentine's Day!

The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

Gift the gift of a date next summer, for Valentine’s Day.

Let your gift recipient decide on the tour which interests them most, late on. Our Gift Cards can be applied to any of our tours or experiences.


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Important Things to Know About Our Online Gift Cards

Purchasers will be asked to enter their name and the name of the gift card recipient at the time of purchase.

The purchaser will receive a confirmation email, where they will be prompted to enter a message for the recipient, then either print the Gift Card or forward it to the recipient by email. Your choice!

If you wish, you can also call us and we will assist. If it is off-season, please leave a message and we will get back to you. If this gift is a secret from someone in your household, please let us know the best way to reach you! (Note that we could be in a different time zone though, in the winter!) 

Consider the additional cost of 13% HST on our tours, when deciding on your Gift Card amount. 



We are now closed for the season!


If you need to reach us, please use our Contact Us form, or leave a telephone message. We will be picking up messages.