Staff Pick for a Memory Maker: A Gift Card for a Snorkeling Adventure!

A Gift Card for a Snorkeling Adventure!

Gift cards are a great way to make a plan, to make more memories together.

Some of our best memories from last summer, was taking entire extended families our for a snorkeling tour: Grandma/grandpa, parents, grandkids and a few extra aunties and uncles in the mix. These were great days for us, because our guests had such a wonderful time! (You really can’t beat this job!)

We know that the organization of these special family days for our guests, can be somewhat like herding cats (or fish), but from what we can see, when you finally have everyone in your group rounded up, it turns into a wonderful day on the water with your family!

We provide the mask, snorkel, and fins and we have snorkel guides on board to help you feel comfortable and stay safe.

Why not gift a memory maker this Christmas, instead of stuff?