Bird Photography in the Fishing Islands

Come Aboard and We’ll Indulge Your Bird Photography Passion!

Come get that special shot you have been waiting for. This is a 2.0 hour photo-centric tour in the Fishing Islands of Lake Huron which are on a migratory bird route. We will visit to an off-shore heron rookery, as wave and wind conditions permit. Nesting sites are active in May and June, with the chicks visible from mid-late May, on. This tour is for photographers who are not looking for a session led by another photographer, but rather, an opportunity to more independently explore the photographic opportunities there are here. Our regular guides will safely transport you within our touring area and provide opportunities for you to photograph the birds that pass through and nest around the islands.

Private tours and group tours are available on Islander I which has a capacity of 6 people. If you have a larger group, please contact us to see if our 12-passenger boat might be available. If you book on a group birding photography tour, other photographers may join you. If you want the solitude, please book a private tour.

If our schedule does not suit your party’s needs, please contact us, and tell us what dates you are looking for.

Oliphant Departure


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